Lighting & Accessories


Fairy Lights - Look magical hung in a star formation from the king poles but can also be hung in cascades and down the centre line, endless possibilities!



Mirror BallDisco diva ball hung from the swooping roof line to dance the night away under. 60cm, 4 pin spots and spinning motor.



Flying Lights - Can be used inside the marquees, as strings around the garden or for a bit of a wow, as flying lights above the marquee canopy



Shepherds Crooks Giant - 

Create a pathway, entrance or enclosure with these twelve giant crooks.



Flower Rings - 1.8 metre (6′) diameter tubular steel ring ready for florists to decorate. Can be lowered and raised on pulleys.



Spill Out Area

Create an outdoor terrace area with matting laid out to form a hollow square, surrounded by festoon lights suspended from giant crooks.