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12 Ideas for a Cottagecore Marquee Wedding

Updated: Feb 8

In a vain effort to keep up with Gen Z’s constant barrage of ‘_core’ trends, we’re taking a look at another fashion fad that has crossed over to the wonderful world of weddings - Cottagecore.

We actually think we’re way ahead of the trend here as our beautiful pole and canvas marquees have been rocking the cottagecore aesthetic since before Normcore was a thing (if you dont know your '_core' history, Normcore was the core '_core', created by us millennials circa 2014). So, as the self appointed Cottagecore experts of the wedding and event marquee hire industry, we’re going to break down just what Cottagecore is and then we’ll share our favourite ideas for how you can build it into your special day.

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is inspired by the romantic beauty and simplicity of rural life, think homemade bread, billowing floral dresses, English country gardens bursting with wildflowers and summer blooms. It incorporates all that is vintage and handmade. Cottagecore gives us major summer garden party vibes. It’s charming, it’s whimsical and it’s about texture, lots of texture.

Why have a Cottagecore marquee wedding?

If you’re thinking of hiring a pole and canvas marquee for your wedding, this theme would work perfectly as these types of traditional marquee are quintessentially Cotttagecore. The marquees we supply here at Peacock and Bow are handmade by master craftsmen and women, using time honoured techniques. They are full of texture, with their swooping swathes of canvas, tension ropes, wooden poles and coir flooring. When the sun goes down their ambient glow brings laid back romance and a cosiness that can't be beat. Furthermore, they can be situated in a perfectly Cottagecore setting such as a rural location or an English country garden.

If you love a bit of authenticity, nature, nostalgia, and you want to create a wedding that feels intimate, charming, and deeply meaningful, Cottagecore may provide the look and feel you desire for your special day. The trend celebrates a return to simpler times and encapsulates the joy of love, togetherness, and embracing the beauty of the natural world. Its a generation spanning concept that everyone can get on board with.

How can I achieve the Cottagecore look for my marquee wedding?

Here are our top 12 ideas for a Cottagecore marquee wedding.

1. Choose the right type of marquee

  • Marquees come in many different guises, check out our ultimate guide to hiring a marquee to find out more

  • If you really want to encapsulate the Cottagecore look, go for a traditional marquee

  • To be truly authentic, make it a Wills. Wills Marquees are the pole and canvas marquees that we supply

  • Our pole and canvas marquees are handmade in Britain using the finest materials and create the perfect backdrop for your Cottagecore wedding

A Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee set up in an English country garden
Photo credit - Agnes Black

2. Location

3. Venue Decoration

Inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee, a flower ring, abundant with blooms, encircles the king pole

4. Color Palette

  • Opt for soft, pastel colours such as blush pink, sage green, lavender, or creamy ivory to enhance the Cottagecore aesthetic

  • Pinks and purples feature heavily in Cottagecore

  • Introduce pops of colour with floral arrangements and vintage textiles such as lace and flowy ribbons to add a touch whimsy, colour and texture

5. Table Settings

  • Use vintage or mismatched china with floral patterns for a charming and nostalgic feel

  • Incorporate lace table runners and linen napkins to create an elegant tablescape

  • Go for patterns and bold colours for that homey feel

  • Add small vases with fresh flowers or herbs as centrepieces

  • Coloured glassware is having a moment and adds vintage vibes, you can also use it to tie your colour scheme together

Inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee, trestle tables are dressed in the cottagecore style
Tablescape by Lucy Vail

6. Lighting

  • Create a warm and enchanting atmosphere with fairy lights or festoon lights hung throughout the marquee

  • Use lanterns or candleholders with soft, flickering candles for a cosy and romantic glow

  • We love coloured taper candles and think they're the most charming and romantic of all the candle styles

7. Seating

  • Provide sumptuous armchairs or rustic wooden benches for a natural and organic look

  • Add cushions or blankets in floral or botanical prints for added comfort and a cottage-inspired touch

8. Floral Arrangements

  • Incorporate wildflowers, roses, daisies, and other cottage garden blooms in bouquets, centrepieces, floral arches and flower rings

  • Include herbs like lavender, rosemary, and thyme for their fragrant and whimsical appeal

  • Embrace gypsophila, aka baby’s breath, for simple texture

9. Outdoor Spaces

  • Create a garden lounge area with vintage furniture, such as wrought-iron chairs or a cozy loveseat, surrounded by potted plants and blooming flowers

  • Set up an outdoor picnic area with vintage picnic blankets, cushions, and baskets filled with delicious treats

  • Put out parasols in the daytime, lace if possible, for a vintage feel, and blankets for guests to grab and cosy up under when the sun goes down

  • Use our giant shepherds crooks, which can be hung with lanterns or festoons to light your walkways and chill out areas

A coir matting matting walkway, lined with festoon lights hung on giant shepherds crooks, leads to the wedding marquee entrance, which is flanked with floral arrangements in large milk churns

10. Entertainment

  • Hire a folk band or acoustic musicians to provide live music with a charming and rustic vibe

  • Channel the traditional village summer fete by including lawn games like croquet, boules, or a coconut shy to add a touch of nostalgic fun

11. Food and Drinks

  • Serve a menu inspired by seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, such as farm-to-table dishes, rustic pies, and refreshing beverages with fresh herbs or edible flowers

  • Think of your favourite childhood pudding your grandma used to make and serve it in mini individual form

  • Offer a tea station with a selection of herbal teas and vintage teacups

Waiting staff at an outdoor wedding greet guests with a tray of cocktails garnished with fresh mint leaves.

12. Personal Touches

  • Cottagecore is all about DIY so get the family crafting and create handmade signage, calligraphy place cards, or custom-made favours with a Cottagecore theme

  • To dress your wedding party, consider floral prints, lace, or other vintage-inspired attire to complement the overall aesthetic

Inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee, a sign that reads 'Dance floor' hangs on the king pole

Ready to embrace the Cottagecore marquee magic?

If you're now convinced that Cottagecore should be the inspiration for your marquee wedding, remember, the key is to embrace natural beauty, simplicity, and a touch of nostalgia. Keep it simple and don't go too elaborate. Incorporating these ideas will help create a dreamy and enchanting atmosphere for your special day.


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