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Best month for an English country garden party wedding

Updated: Jan 17

Getting married outdoors in the summer, with a marquee reception and making the most of the sunshine is a popular choice for many couples. Most figure that August gives them the best chance of sipping Pimms on a long balmy afternoon. According to Hitched, there are 20,000 weddings taking place this August in the UK, making it the most popular wedding month, accounting for 15% of all 2023 weddings.

But apparently July and August, although warm, are in fact the worst for rain (who knew?). So, what is the best month for an English country garden party wedding? Could late June be a better bet? How about October?

There is no hotter topic in the world of wedding planning than the weather. So, in this article we’ll share our thoughts on the best month for an outdoorsy summery wedding.

A Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee stands brightly on a green hillside overlooking the English countryside.

Ask anyone what the best month for an English country garden party wedding is and they would likely say any time between June and August is a good bet. But, you can never count on the English weather.

April showers have actually been in short supply over recent years with the Met Office reporting only around a third of the monthly average rainfall. It goes to show that with the UK weather, it's kind of pot luck. Many experts would have advised getting married in July or August a few years back, but now it's almost as though the British seasons are shifting.

Over the past few wedding seasons, May and June have been great months weather-wise. Although, many prefer not to take their chances and have a destination wedding instead with 25% of UK couples choosing to get married abroad.

The English weather is eternally unpredictable. But, any time between June and August offers a good chance of warm weather and long days for your outdoor marquee wedding. Be warned though, these are, according to, the wettest months.

The Unsuspecting Bride told ‘We got married on the first Saturday in July and had good weather, around 24 degrees with mixed clouds and sunshine. But there are no guarantees, so just make sure you plan for the worst case scenario. And get yourself some umbrellas (perhaps colourful ones) for pictures in case you have to take them in the rain!’

A Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee stands proud against a blue sky. Flowers sit in the foreground and trees stands either side.

For some, the choice is limited. Teachers for example are tied to the school holidays, unless they’re prepared to wait weeks for their honeymoon!

While Spring certainly seems to have had great weather the past few years, September has been glorious too. It seems June, July and August can be hit or miss, but isn’t that always the way with British weather?

Taking into account the weather fluctuations over recent years. Why not consider having your garden party wedding in October? With its warm hues and gentle breezes, this autumnal beauty can bring a magical feel to the celebrations. True, it gets darker earlier and may be a bit chilly, but statistically its less likely to rain in October than August.

A bride and groom approach a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee.

The English weather, like love, is beautifully unpredictable and you can’t bet on rain or shine at any time of year in the UK.

So, as you embark on your journey to wedded bliss, here’s a thought, why not just go for a time of year that suits you? Yes, if you look online, you can get statistical data on the weather for the whole year for a particular location, based on decades of readings. But, if after all that research and worry, the weather Gods have their fun and shower raindrops on your special day, you can expect a high chance of disappointment.

Here at Peacock and Bow, we can give you ideas for contingency plans for any weather disturbance. Such as bringing your outdoor ceremony under the canopy of our beautiful pole and canvas marquees. With their clear panoramic walls you'll still get to enjoy the scenery. And, if the weather does turn out to be quintessentially British, you can always console yourself with the old wives tale that rain on your wedding day is good luck!


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