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Four ways pole and canvas marquees add sparkle to the festive season

Okay, full disclosure, Peacock and Bow NEEDS to rest its feathers over the festive period, so for any booking requests over the Christmas season, it’s a hard no from us. After October, we’re done and that works for us, which in turn works for our clients, as we’re ready and raring to go by the time the next season comes around in April.

That said, we’re not immune to a bit of festive FOMO, and we love to sing the praises of pole and canvas marquees all year round. So, in this article we’ll share our top four ways event managers and party planners can spread the marquee magic during the most wonderful time of the year. And we’ll provide a few tips to make sure your Christmas marquee event is as smooth as Michael Bublé's silky voice.

A Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee at night, lit with festoon lights and flying lights above the canopy

Marquees for festive ice rinks

Pole and canvas marquees wouldn't be suitable for the ice rink itself due to the king poles. A clearspan marquee would be better as it provides a large open space, free of obstructions. But, practical as they are, clearspan marquees don’t quite have that traditional charm that’s so ubiquitous over the winter months. If you want to bring a traditional look to your ice rink you could use a pole and canvas marquee as your check in area and create a beautiful facade to the main structure. Many pole and canvas marquee hire companies provide cloak rooms, rustic shepherds hut loos and connecting tunnels that would carry the rustic aesthetic throughout the area.

A Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee set up for a winter wedding with Christmas trees planted around the entrance.

Marquees for work Christmas parties

Nothing kicks off the festive season like getting horribly drunk at your employer’s expense and giving your boss unsolicited advice on how to do their job. Christmas always presents challenges when it comes to hiring space in the right location. If you’re the office manager or PA and you didn't get somewhere booked the minute your summer party hangover cleared you might be feeling the panic set in. But, have you considered a marquee? Possibly the answer to your prayers, a marquee offers flexibility and can provide just the right environment that's needed for the team to let their hair down.

Heating is critical at this time of year, so make sure your marquee hire company provides heaters that can make any marquee, however large, just the right temperature to keep you warm when mingling and dining. But, not too warm when the inhibitions are gone and you’re reliving your youth by doing the latest tik tok dance with the work experience student.

As well as fairy lights and festoons, specialist lighting is often available to hire for marquee events. This is a great solution for projecting patterns and logos onto the marquee canopy. You should also be able to hire mirror balls, spot lights, and sequenced LED lighting and colour washes to really bring the party vibes.

Wedding guests hit the dance floor inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee. The canopy is aglow with fairy lights.
Photo credit - Kate Lowe Photography

Marquees for winter weddings and New Year’s Eve parties

We love a classy winter wedding. When the season is embraced with taste and style and challenges such as keeping warm are solved in creative ways, a winter wedding is magical. The festive season offers a perfect backdrop and an elegant pole and canvas marquee not only looks exquisite, but is able to cope with whatever Jack Frost might throw at it.

Check if your marquee hire company provides thermostat controlled heaters, connecting tunnels and cloakrooms. You should also ensure all areas such as catering tents and bathroom facilities are enclosed to keep guests warm and dry.

For New Year’s parties pole and canvas marquees provide a decadent and glamourous space to see in the new year. Check your marquee hire company can provide everything that is required to ensure everyone is elated and joyous as the clock strikes midnight.

Wedding guests hit the dance floor inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee. The canopy is aglow with fairy lights.

Marquees for Christmas markets and winter fairs

A bit of a controversial subject for us yellow bellies here in Lincolnshire as our world famous Christmas market has been scrapped after 40 years, sob sob! But, German markets and winter fairs are extremely popular at the festive time of year. If you’re organising one for your local community, why not keep stall holders and shoppers protected from the elements by housing your event in a pole and canvas marquee? The traditional style exudes authenticity and great quality craftsmanship, making it the perfect setting for an artisan market. Pole and canvas marquees come in a range of sizes and can be connected with colonnades, so you can create your very own covered lapland.

A Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee. The canopy is aglow with festoon lights against the purple night sky. lights.

While we won't be back on the road until the frost starts to thaw, we are busily working behind the scenes to plan and prepare for our next season of fabulous marquee events. So, make sure you give us a call if you have any queries or bookings you would like to discuss. Also, don't forget to check back here for more blog articles on everything you never knew you needed to know about pole and canvas marquees.


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