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How long it takes to set up & take down our pole & canvas marquees for your wedding or special event

Updated: Feb 27

Set up and take down time is one of the most important factors you need to know when you’re planning a marquee wedding or special event. So we’re here to answer that question and give you as much clarity on our process as possible. We want to make sure you know exactly what to expect when you hire Peacock and Bow.

Video credit - Olivia Bennett

Our time frames for setting up and taking down our pole and canvas marquees

The exact time it takes to set up and take down or ‘de-rig’ a pole and canvas marquee can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the marquee or marquees, your chosen furnishings and any spill out areas or additional facilities you choose to hire.

However, we have a brilliant and reliable team of hardworking, experienced superstars and we always bring enough of them to get the job done in the agreed timeframe.

As a guide, if you are having one marquee with walls it will take us two to four hours to set up. If we are doing the entire set up with flooring, tables, chairs, dance floor, stage, decor, lighting, and catering it can take five to ten hours.

We always try our very best to leave a full day before your event for your other suppliers, such as your florist and caterers, to complete your marquee set up. For example, if your event is on a Saturday, we aim to be all done dusted by the end of Thursday. Sometimes our schedule won't allow this, but we will always let you know well in advance and will work with you and your other suppliers to make sure everything goes smoothly and efficiently.

The Peacock and Bow team lay a coir matting walkway outside a stunning pole and canvas wedding marquee
Photo credit - Olivia Bennett

Takedown is also completed in one day and we’re usually packed up and out your way the day after your event, or sometimes the day after that. But, we will agree all this with you well in advance.

Here's a breakdown of our process for the set up and takedown of your pole and canvas marquee.

How we set up our pole and canvas marquees for your wedding or special celebration

Site preparation

Before setting up the marquee, we’ll visit the site to ensure the area is clear and level. We’ll look at any potential obstacles and propose solutions for how to overcome them.

Putting up the poles

The main structure of a pole and canvas marquee relies on the poles, ours are made of real wood, hand worked and varnished.

We start by driving our stakes around the circumference of the marquee ready to attach our ropes. Then, we pull up the king poles which run along the centre of the marquee and sit on top of the ground.

At this point we lace up the canopy and connect it to the 'bail ring', which sits around the king pole. After this, the wall poles are added to create what we call our 'bath tub'.

Putting up the poles and securing them in the ground is the quickest stage in the process.

Video credit - Olivia Bennett

Raising the canvas

Once the poles are in place, the canvas can be raised. This is our favourite step as it is when the marquee first comes to life in all its majestic glory.

The canvas canopy of a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee is laid out on the ground ready to be laced together.
Photo credit - Olivia Bennett

Interior set up

After the main structure and canvas are in place, we set up the interior elements, including flooring, lighting, seating, decorations, and any additional equipment you require. This stage is the most time consuming as we work meticulously to make sure every detail is absolutely flawless.

Video credit - Olivia Bennett

Video credit - Olivia Bennett

How we take down our pole and canvas marquees

Dismantling the interior

We start by removing all interior elements, such as flooring, lighting, seating, and decorations.

Removing the canvas

We then detach the canvas from the poles and carefully roll it up ready to be taken home for a good clean, so it’s sparkling and pristine for its next outing.

Disassembling the poles

Finally, we take down the poles, and load everything up to take away.

Site clean-up

After the marquee is fully disassembled, we clean up the site by removing any debris, restoring the area to its original condition, and ensuring all equipment and materials are properly packed and taken away. We’re waste warriors and any minimal waste we do produce is recycled responsibly.

What our clients say about how we set up and takedown our pole and canvas marquees

Here are a few snippets of testimonials from our wonderful clients.

"Despite that miserable raining Thursday morning erecting the marquee, not once did you complain, and when we came to see you we were only greeted by smiley faces. The marquee looked ABSOLUTELY stunning!"

Charlotte Gidden

"(The team) worked long days in both setting up and taking down their beautifully immaculate marquee. Even though they had long travel times both sides of the day, both Katharine and Terry and all their team could not have been easier and more fun to work with."

Janey Marsh

"I was very impressed by Katherine and her team. Their level of professionalism was outstanding, and they followed all the rules and regulations an historic venue requires. College Garden is one the oldest gardens in England and the set up and de-rig went really smoothly."

Luciana Isolato

"During the marquee put up/take down everything went really smoothly and the whole process was zero stress! Thank you so much to the whole Peacock & Bow team!"

​​Lydia Rycroft

"The team on site were excellent and very good at solving the complications caused by the site and the boiling weather."

Matilda Oppenheimer

"The whole team were incredibly professional and efficient and as soon as they turned up, we knew we didn't need to worry and left everything in their capable hands. Huge thank you!!"

Imogen Harvey

"Their can-do attitude put us all at ease as they were erecting the two most beautiful white canvas marquees in our garden for our wedding. The team were professional and efficient."

Sophie Bell-Syer

"The set up and take down went smoothly, the whole team was so professional and when we needed to move things about nothing was too much trouble."

Sophie Pell

Katharine Settle, the founder of Peacock and Bow sits in a van alongside two members of her team. They smile for a selfie.
Photo credit - Olivia Bennett

If you’re considering hiring a pole and canvas marquee for your wedding or special celebration, we’re always happy to talk through your requirements and those of your chosen venue. So, give us a call, we'd love to hear from you. We are experienced, reliable and trustworthy. So, you can count on us to work well within the timescales that are necessary to ensure your marquee event goes off with a bang.


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