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Up do, I do, new do! The mid-wedding haircut trend

Updated: Feb 8

We're obsessed with the growing trend of brides getting an on the day new barnet

Thanks to Tik Tok, a new wedding trend is making its way across the pond and showing up on the shores of Blighty. The mid-wedding haircut began trending on social media in 2022 and since then the hashtag #weddinghaircut has racked up a hair raising 41.3 million views!

With popular wedding day surprises such as the choreographed first dance or the second dress not quite going viral these days, brides are now sneaking off mid-nuptials to get a dramatic new look, only to re-emerge to the excitement of guests and their new spouse.

Here at Peacock and Bow we specialise in unique luxury marquee weddings and we love a good wedding trend. So, we couldn't let this intriguing phenomenon pass us by without digging into it a bit deeper and exploring the reasons behind why this has become such a thing.

A screenshot of a Tik Tok video showing a bride getting her hair  cut mid wedding

The US and Australia have been leading the trend, but brides getting haircuts during their wedding day has now started happening at UK weddings too.

Kyrelle Burton of Devon Wedding Hair, did her first mid-wedding haircut for a bride last year. One of her regulars was planning their wedding and had been thinking of going for a drastic chop before the big day. But Kyrelle suggested being a little more ‘extra’, so instead of doing a second dress, the bride decided to do second hair. On her wedding day, that bold bride went from having very long hair, which had been her look for seven years, to a chic long bob, or ‘lob’ if you will.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Woman's Hour, Kyrelle reassured any brides to be who may have been listening that they wouldn't need to worry about missing out on cocktail hour, as a quick transformation can be achieved in as little as 15 minutes. So, guests wouldn’t even notice the newlywed slip off.

When asked what the reaction was at her client's wedding, Kyrelle described lots of screaming and giggling and said that everybody loved it. She thinks we’ll be seeing it more and more over the next couple of wedding seasons.

Indeed, the UK is catching on to the trend due to the likes of Instagram, Pinterest and Tik Tok spreading these sorts of fads at a faster pace. A look at the comments shows that the wedding haircut trend is certainly being embraced with open arms.

One commenter said, “I absolutely love this trend. I feel like it symbolises removing the old life and starting new.” Others joked that their partners “wouldn’t even notice”.

A screenshot of a Tik Tok video showing a bride getting her haircut mid wedding

What's the reasoning behind the wedding haircut trend?

Some say cutting off your hair is a great way to mark something momentous and a symbol of new beginnings. It also goes hand in hand with the trend of adventurous honeymoons, long hair is typically more of a faff. A sleek crop is much more practical when swimming with whale sharks down under, or sandboarding dunes in Peru.

But is it about the cut or more about causing a splash and really going for that wow factor? A bit of both perhaps, and why not? As someone who's a big fan of a drastic chop now and then, I can't think of anything more exciting than combining that feeling with the most special day of your life!

Peacock and Bow's reveal curtain installed in one of their pole and canvas marquees

Make it iconic with Peacock and Bow

If you’re thinking of jumping on the mid-wedding haircut bandwagon, which obviously comes with a ‘just married’ sign and has cans tied to the bumper, our hand sewn, thick white cotton reveal curtain is the perfect way to unveil your new look, enhance the drama, and make your marquee wedding day iconic.


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