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Restful restrooms - Your guide hiring our luxury loos with your pole and canvas marquee

Updated: Feb 8

Let’s get down to business, it’s got to be the most important factor in any event and one you don't want to misfire on. Not only is it a safe haven when you need to go, but we ladies know that this is where the best chats, most joyous moments and hottest gossip gets dished out. We are of course talking about the WC, the powder room, the pissoir if you will.

The loo situation can make or break any party or celebration, especially an outdoor one. So, in this article, we’re going to plumb the depths of all you need to know about hiring portable loos for your marquee wedding or special celebration. We’ll also throw in as many toilet puns and wordplay as we can think of. Sorry, not sorry!

Inside Peacock and Bow's luxury portable loos for hire
Inside our luxury loos

Do I need to hire portable loos for my marquee event?

If your venue has enough public restrooms that aren't too far away from your marquee, you might be ok without portable loos. Do be sure to check with the venue that they’re happy for you to use their facilities.

If you’re having your event at home, please PLEASE don't even think about relying on your own bathroom. Imagine a constant ‘stream’ of people traipsing through your house. It’s tough enough sharing a bathroom with three to five family members, never mind 50+ wedding guests!

How do luxury portable loos work?

Not only do our loos for hire look and feel as comfortable and luxurious as a top hotel bathroom, but the way they work is like one too. You’ve got your vanity area, your cubicles, your flushing porcelain thrones. The only difference is that they are not connected to a water supply as they have a large tank that does the ‘job’.

As for waste, well the less said about that the better. Suffice to say it’s kept out of sight and out of mind. It's for someone else to deal with and you don’t need to befoul your wedding or party filled head with such thoughts!

The loos will need to connect to a power supply for lighting and hot water. To learn more check out our article ‘How can I power my marquee wedding or event’

outside Peacock and Bow's luxury portable loos for hire
Our modern luxury bathrooms

How many loos will I need for my marquee wedding or event?

Nobody wants to be having to queue for ages when there’s dancing to do and good times to have. So, providing the right number of loos is paramount to ensuring your event is ‘flush’ with success.

Getting the loo logistics right depends on what sort of event you're having. The duration, whether there's food and drink, and the number of guests all play a 'roll'. Here are a few rules of thumb (‘bum’?...too juvenile?).

If your wedding or event is going to last more than six hours and you’re serving food and alcohol, we recommend one loo for every 75 women. For men, 'aim' for one toilet for every 400 and an extra urinal for every 100.

You should also consider the size of your event space. If it covers a very large area you might want to hire more toilets so your guests don’t need to go on a hike to use the loo. This has the added bonus of combatting queues.

What do Peacock and Bow have available for hire and what supplies do you include?

We have a couple of ablution solutions for you. Our luxury loos come in two sizes.

  • 2+1 for up to 130 people (2 ladies cubicles, 1 gents and 3 urinals) - Hire price £900

  • 3+1 for up to 210 people (3 ladies cubicles, 1 gents and 3 urinals) - Hire price £1000

We also have our quirky and characterful Shepherd Hut loos, perfect if you’re going for that rustic vibe. The Shepherd Hut loos are practical and unique, and they look great as part of your event space. Your guests will be ‘bowl-ed’ over.

Outside Peacock and Bow's luxury Shepherd Hut loos
Our Shepherd Hut loos

All our loos come stocked with thick paper towels, luxury hand soap and lotion, and loo roll fit for the most delicate of botties. It’s a good idea to have someone checking on the TP levels and emptying bins throughout the event. Some wedding planners do this as part of their service.

What other types of portable loo are available?

Most luxury loo hire companies offer trailers in green or white to blend in with either the marquee or the natural green surroundings. If you want something a bit different you won't get caught short as pretty much anything can convert into wonderful washrooms these days. From gypsy caravans to potting sheds to beach huts, there’s a ‘loo-nique’ bathroom for everyone!

What do I need to consider when hiring portable loos for my marquee event?

Remember to make sure your toilets are inclusive and accessible to all your guests. Talk to us if you have any loo related requirements and we’ll find a solution to meet all your guest’s needs.

When planning the location of your luxury loos, it’s important to take into account the safety and comfort of your guests. Portable loos must sit on flat firm ground. You can integrate the bathrooms into your marquee design by hiring our cloakroom. This attaches to your marquee with a covered walkway to protect loo goers from the elements. The hire price is £3200.

Visualisation of our cloakroom and connecting tunnel
Visualisation of our cloakroom and connecting tunnel

So, should I hire Peacock and Bow’s luxurious portable loos for my marquee event?

Well, unless you want your guests trekking through the wilderness in search of relief, our answer is a resounding YES!

Choosing Peacock and Bow means you're not just getting a stunning party space, you're getting luxury loos that'll turn your event into a throne-worthy affair. So don't hold it in, give us a shout and let's create a memorable occasion that’s sure to make a splash!

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