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Should I hire a wedding planner for my marquee wedding?

The wedding season is well and truly upon us and we're once again travelling around the country from our Lincolnshire base, putting up our stunning pole and canvas marquees for incredible weddings at beautiful family homes and charming venues alike.

Choosing to have a marquee wedding, especially at your own family home, means you can have a truly unique and personal celebration. But, it also comes with a rather large amount of planning and organising. I mean, all weddings do, but let's face it, a fabulous marquee wedding is a tad more complex than a hotel venue.

That's why, here at Peacock and Bow, we believe that hiring a wedding planner should be given some serious mulling over. Just in case your head is already swimming with all things wedding and your capacity to consider anything logically has taken a leave of absence, we've laid out the benefits and disadvantages of hiring a wedding planner. We'll also explain what you can expect from a pro wedding planner and give some real life scenarios that will demonstrate why its a decision you won't regret.

A bride and groom take their first dance on the aukland oak dancefloor underneath the smooth white canopy of a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee

Benefits of hiring a wedding planner for your marquee

  • A wedding planner can save you time, about 528 hours in fact! Thats apparently the average amount of time it takes to plan a wedding, and your wedding won't be average will it!?

  • They will make sure you get the absolute best out of your wedding spend, all that experience, knowledge and contacts pays off in the long run

  • They'll stop you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, so you can concentrate on marrying the person of your dreams

  • Having a neutral party involved in the planning diffuses any family dramas caused by well meaning rellies

Is there a downside to hiring a wedding planner?

Hiring a wedding planner isn't for everyone. Maybe you don't want to allocate budget to a wedding planner if it means compromising on other elements. Perhaps you're struggling to find someone you really vibe with. It could be that you're already a project manager extraodinaire and you have no intention of handing the reins to someone else.

If you're unsure whether a wedding planner is the right choice for you, our advice is to make a list of all the reasons you might need one, do some research and meet a few professionals, all while maintaining an open mind. A good wedding planner will work within your budget and will ensure that you feel in control and not pressured in any way. If you do manage to find someone who feels like a good fit, it will all be worth it.

A Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee is set up for a wedding next to South Kyme Tower, which lies about five miles north-east of Sleaford in the North Kesteven District of Lincolnshire

What to expect from a marquee wedding planner

  • They will respond to all the emails. This could rack up to approximately 400 emails over a 10 month planning process

  • They will have a devoted and reliable assistant who will accompany them on the day

  • They will be there for all the planning meetings, site visits, supplier interviews, cake and catering tastings (more of a perk for them really) and stationery meetings

  • They will be on site for at least two full days prior to the wedding as well as the full day of the wedding and the day after

  • They will manage all the suppliers and ensure deliveries happen when they're supposed to

  • They will take into account the size and complexity of your wedding and add team members accordingly

Scenarios when you'd thank your lucky stars you hired a planner

  • Your florist's van gets stuck in the mud, enter the planner who tracks down a local farmer to pull them to less sticky terrain

  • The bathrooms are out of paper towels and the bins are overflowing ewwww! Never fear, the planner is here to top up those essential supplies

  • Uh oh, Auntie Dora's had a few too many champagne cocktails... how will she get to her hotel safely? The planner is on it with absolutely no judgement

  • The linen delivery has been delayed and the tables can't be dressed until it arrives, but its getting late and you need your beauty sleep. Don't worry, your planner will stay as long as it takes to ensure the marquee is set up perfectly

  • Oh dear, Auntie Gloria joined in with Auntie Dora and now there isn't enough champagne for the toasts! Wait a minute, what was that blur? It's the planner running to the shops to get more fizz!

A bride and groom take their first dance on an Auckland oak dance floor, the canopy of the Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee is lit up with pink disco lights and confetti from a canon engulfs the happy couple as their guests look on.

Marquee weddings are incredibly special and anything is possible with the very best team.

If you're looking to plan a marquee wedding, give us a call to discuss your ideas. We can also hook you up with top specialist marquee wedding planners who will ensure your wedding planning and the big day itself is the stress free experience of a lifetime you're dreaming of.


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