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Wedding decor trend alert: Tropic like it's hot

Updated: Jun 6

Whether you're getting married at The Brando or in Burley, you can give your marquee wedding the tropical treatment. This escapist aesthetic is all the rage for 2024 weddings. Think hibiscus prints, tasty mocktails and hot, hot, hot pink. Bring on the sunscreen-scented nostalgia.

We love this tropical trend and can't wait to see how our couples infuse it into their pole and canvas marquees. So, in this article, we're providing some inspiration and tips for how you can transform your marquee into your very own slice of paradise.

tropical flowers on a table inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas wedding marquee

Tropical flowers for the wedding party and the marquee

Bring on the island vibes with your buttonholes, bouquets, centrepieces and other floral installations by choosing tropical blooms such as hibiscus, birds of paradise. Pink bougainvillea looks fabulous on a ceremony arch, while orchids make beautifully exotic centrepieces.

Instead of bouquets for bridesmaids, keep it simple and let them carry a single king protea instead. Fill the space with vibrant greenery in the shape of monstera leaves, palm fronds and ferns. Also don't be afraid to throw some fruit into the mix such as pineapples, bananas and coconuts.

Coconut wedding cake

The coconut layer cake, also known as the Italian wedding cake, is an absolute showstopper. It's a light and airy towering creation that's sprinkled with shredded coconut and filled with a rich coconut custard. Talk about the taste of paradise!

Adorn this fluffy white beauty with a piece of coconut or a single monstera leaf for maximum tropical impact.

Tropical invitations and wedding stationary

Set the tone from the outset with tropical themed wedding invitations. Designers everywhere love tropical prints because they are happy, bold, botanical, lush and sophisticated all at once, so you shouldn't have trouble sourcing the perfect wedding invitations to make a tropical statement.

When it comes to island inspired wedding stationary, paper is out, leaves are in. For place names you can order faux leaves personalised with gold leaf lettering. Or gather up some real leaves and ask your friend with the nicest handwriting to mark them up with some bright Posca pens. Don't stop there! Handwriting on banana leaves is a beautiful way to present your menus and order of the day.

Create a fun Tiki bar in your wedding marquee

Transform our beautiful oak panelled bar into a your very own tiki bar. Avoid cheap tropical kitsch and instead look to adorn the bar area with items like this Tropical leaves sewn garland and this Tropical birds sewn garland from the mighty East End Press. Serve cocktails and mocktails in fun Tiki glasses and suspend bright flowers and statement leaves above the bar using our flower rings.

A bar with a dressed flower ring suspended above itinside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas wedding marquee
Photo credit - Kate Lowe Photography

Choose a tropical colour palette for your marquee wedding

The most effective way to bring classic island charm to your marquee wedding is with colour. A bold and vibrant mix of leafy greens, corals, bright jewel-toned pinks, blues and dramatic greys will make your guests feel like they're on a real life tropical getaway no matter where they are or what season it is. But it doesn't have to be all pinks and greens, below are some ultra stylish tropical colour combos for your marquee wedding.


a colour palette with turquoise, aqua and cyan

We love the vivid blend of green and blue found in shades like turquoise, aqua, and cyan. Team these up with deep navy, warm metal accents, and the pristine white canvas of our pole marquees and your special day will feel like a luxury tropical escape.


A colour palette with cream, coral and saphire

A classic palette with an island twist that we adore. Mix bright and creamy whites with shades of coral, sapphire, and carmine red for a timeless look.


A colour palette with green, beige and orange

Avoid the overall look coming across as too ‘beachy' and aim for a lush, sophisticated palette of earthy greens and reedy beiges, which will come alive next to the fresh white of the marquee canvas. Mix in some accents of vibrant orange to add warmth.


A colour palette with aqua, lime and flamingo pink

This bold tropical rainforest inspired combination makes a statement and the saturated colours look great with the natural wood and canvas of our luxury wedding marquees.


A colour palette with gold and teal

Evoke crisp teal waters and warm golden sunsets with this opulent palette. These beautiful natural colours pop against the pure white canvas of our stunning marquees.


A colour palette with blue, fuschia and gold

Roll up the marquee walls and invite the green and pleasant land to be the backdrop for this palette that is reminiscent of the islands at dawn.


A colour palette with hot pink, white and jade green.

Is it really a tropical mix if it doesn't include hot pink? Well, yes as we've hopefully already explained, but this youthful, electric and vibrant colour is often associated with the tropical aesthetic and works brilliantly with bright white, and jade green.

wedding guests sit and chat inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee.

Decorate your marquee with real palm trees

Bring the tropical outdoors in by hiring beautiful tall palm trees to stand against the king poles of your traditional marquee. It will look spectacular decorated with stunning palms, making it a unique tropical setting. Trachycarpus Fortunei or Windmill Palm is the quintessential tropical island palm tree and is fairly easy to get hold of as they grow fast survive UK winters well.

Keep guests refreshed with colourful cocktails and mocktails

It wouldn't be a tropical wedding without tropical cocktails. Be sure that your mixologist incorporates fruity garnishes and bright hues into their Instagram-worthy creations.

Welcome guests with a mango belini and include these classics on the cocktail menu (that will be handwritten on a leaf remember!)

  • Rum punch - a sweet and sour Caribbean classic

  • Coco fizz - A reboot of the classic coconut and rum with added prosecco

  • Mango and Pineapple mojito - give your favourite classic a tropical twist

  • Pina Colada - (and hopefully not getting caught in the rain!) Serve this classic with an umbrella for kitsch appeal

wedding guests dance inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee.
Photo credit - Kate Lowe Photography

Tropical inspired wedding attire

Throw it back to the 19th century with a crisp white linen suit. Linen suits became more widespread when they were worn by British soldiers stationed in tropical colonies. The suits were practical for the hot, humid climates, and became a signature look for the Brits. Later in the 20th century and Hollywood's golden era, some of the biggest actors of the day took to the linen suit, making it a timeless, sophisticated and glamorous choice.

Keep it relaxed with a simple lace shift dress a la Cindy Crawford's 1998 John Galliano creation for her Paradise Island wedding in the Bahamas. John Galliano also designed Penelope Cruz's dress for her Bahamas wedding to Javier Bardem, hmm, pattern emerging?

Tropical marquee wedding entertainment

A steel pan band is unique and about as tropical as it gets. Steel pan music is lively, fun and energetic so it is a perfect way to entertain your guests during the cocktail hour.

Go full Caribbean party with energetic performances from limbo dancers and fire eaters, which will thrill your guests and give them the chance to shimmy under the limbo pole themselves! What better way to get the party started!

A musician plays the bongos inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas wedding marquee.

Keep it refined, simple and elegant for the best tropical inspired marquee wedding ever!

As with all trends, we encourage you to lean into it, rather than swan dive deep into the depths only to emerge dripping with flower necklaces, Hawaiian skirts and pineapple sunglasses.

The most successful weddings take inspiration from trends but retain the personality and unique style of the couple so that their story shines through. A monstera leaf accented place setting here, some vibrant coloured candles there plus a curated selection oftropical blooms will stir up the island vibes a treat, but you can leave the plastic flamingoes in your Amazon basket for now...oh go on then maybe just a few!

A game of flamingo hoopla set up outside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas wedding marquee.

Whatever trend or style you want for your wedding marquee, Peacock and Bow will go the extra mile to make that dream a reality. Give us a call today to chat about your wedding ideas and receive a quote.


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