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Your questions answered - How much extra space does the marquee need for staking?

Updated: Feb 27

Are you ready to host a glamorous event under a stunning marquee? Hiring a marquee for your wedding or event can be daunting, but we're here to help!

Our blog, "Under the Canopy," answers all of the most common questions our clients have about marquees, weddings, special celebrations and more. So, you can be confident that you're making the best decision for your marquee event.

In this article we’re going to shed light on staking. No, we’re not rallying a mob of vampire slayers! We’re talking about how we anchor your marquee and what that means for the amount of space required for your big event.

TLDR? Here’s the quick answer;

  • We recommend allowing an additional two metres around our pole and canvas marquees

  • The guy rope stakes can be put into flower beds, under hedges or into uneven ground. Only the area covered by the marquee itself needs to be a flat lawned area

  • If Peacock and Bow are your chosen supplier we will conduct a site survey to ensure the marquee fits

Do all marquees need extra space for staking?

As you are planning out the space for your wedding marquee, be sure to account for stakes. Only clear span, aka frame marquees, can be safely installed without additional space for staking. All other marquees require a clearance of between five to 10 feet around the perimeter to allow room for tie-downs and stakes. Frame marquees don’t need stakes or guy ropes so they can be put up right against a building to form an extension.

Pole and canvas marquees use poles, ropes and stakes to create the tension that forms the crisp lines of the canopy. This also makes the marquee strong and sturdy. The two metres that we require around the perimeter of the marquee itself allows the rigging to reach outwards.

Along with clear span marquees, pagodas don’t require staking and can be a good option if you’re short on space. Although if they are to go on a hard surface, rather than grass, they will need a little extra room for the ballasts, that’s a big heavy block to you and I, that's used to weigh them down.

A Peacock and Bow team member walks towards a ceremony tent on a bright sunny day.

What to consider when planning your marquee event

  • Staking Area

Consider the area needed for driving the stakes into the ground. Allow enough space to fully insert the pegs at the required angles without obstructions like rocks, tree roots, or underground utilities. The size of stakes or pegs can vary depending on the type of marquee, so be sure to check with your marquee hire company. Our stakes drive 80cm into the ground and can be put into flower beds, under hedges or uneven ground.

  • Access Paths

You may also need to think about providing clear access around the marquee for staff and entertainers to access different parts of the marquee, and to manoeuvre equipment.

Find your winning marquee when the stakes are high

Hopefully you can now tick one more question off your list as you plan for your spectacular marquee celebration. We’ve provided the information specific to our pole and canvas marquees and some general guidelines for other types of marquee. Remember, the specific marquee model you're using may have its own recommendations for space requirements. So, make sure you consult your marquee provider for precise details related to your particular marquee model.

Additionally, site-specific considerations may affect the required space for staking, so always check with the venue to ensure you’re on the same page.

If you have any further questions on staking, space requirements or anything marquee related at all, feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


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