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Lighting & Accessories

flying lights Marquee hire Northamptonshire

A beautiful feature unique to Peacock and Bow. Our flying lights hover above the canopy, following the swoops of the roofline and bringing drama to your marquee's evening silhouette


Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 22.14.08.jpg

Decorate the overhead space of your marquee with our 1.8 metre diameter tubular steel flower rings suspended around the king poles. We lower the rings so your florist can create a stunning aerial focal point, which can then be raised on pulleys


Spill Out Area / Marquee Hire Cambridgeshire

Make the most of the space outside your marquee by creating an outdoor terrace area for when party goers need a breather. We lay matting to form a hollow square, which can be surrounded by festoon lights suspended from giant shepherd’s crooks



Create red carpet vibes with our four metre long tunnels. An excellent option for creating a spectacular walkway between two marquees. Or to provide a covered pathway from a building to your marquee


Fairy Lights Marquee hire Lincolnshire

Create a magical mood with fairy lights hung in a star formation from the king poles, highlighting the cascading canvas


Mirror ball / Marquee Hire Rutland

Add some extra sparkle to your marquee with a disco diva mirror ball to dance the night away under. Two pin spotlights transform the light reflected from the 60cm rotating mirror ball


Reveal Curtain / Marquee hire Bedfordshire

A stunning handsewn draped curtain of thick white cotton fabric. This versatile accessory can be used to create memorable moments as it’s drawn back to reveal beautifully dressed dining spaces, entertainment or a newly wed couple. The curtain is a practical solution for screening off areas as furniture is moved or tables are cleared. For use in our 12m marquees


White festoons marquee hire Nottinghamshire

Add a warm romantic glow to your marquee with our white festoon lights to create a modern star-like impression above your guests


Shepherds crooks Marquee Hire Rutland

Create a pathway, entrance or enclosure with giant shepherd’s crooks. Adorn them with lanterns or add our festoon lights to give subtle illumination for when your guests need to cool down after all that dancing!


Bex + Elliott 961.jpg

Create a grand entrance using our canvas and pole Portico, great for welcoming guests. This entry structure looks stunning styled with foliage and flowers and sets the scene for the good times to come


Flying Lights

Fairy Lights

White Festoons

Flower Rings

Mirror Ball

Shepherds Crooks Giant

Spill Out Area

Reveal Curtain 



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