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How to roll up the wall panels of your pole and canvas marquee

Updated: Feb 15

Welcome to our video guide on mastering the art of rolling up the walls of your pole and canvas marquee! Whether you're setting up for a lavish outdoor event or preparing for a cozy garden party, knowing how to properly roll up the walls of your marquee makes sure you and your guests can keep cool and make the most of the space and its surroundings. In this video, we'll take you step-by-step through the process, providing you with expert tips so you can seamlessly transform your marquee into a stunning floating canopy.

Video transcript

"Now, if you find that it really is very warm, we ask you never to remove the walls entirely. But what we can do is roll them up.

You'll see the laces here. Just undo this knot at the bottom and then all the way up and do those.

So, if you release the other side. So, this is a four meter panel. So, we're going to release this side the same as we just did with the lacing.

And then from the outside, you just need to unhook the bungees from these pegs. We just unhook those, the other one, and the guys are going to come back inside.

And then from the inside, you just roll it up from the bottom.

That's it. Another one on the inside. And then you simply just do a bow. And that'll hide under the valance. So, the tighter and the neater this roll is, the better it looks.

And you can do that all the way around just by releasing these panels.

As I say, please don't remove the walls entirely, but feel free to roll them up so it just looks like a floating canopy.

And then we'll just show you in reverse. Ever so quickly, this lacing here, so it goes through the back, through the eyelet. Then this one goes through the eyelet. And then you connect it through that one and pull down and just do that all the way."

Peacock and Bow's step-by-step guide to rolling up the wall panels of your pole and canvas marquee

Step one

In the bottom corner of the wall panel you will see a knot. Untie this and then undo the Dutch lacing all the way up the edge of the wall panel until you reach the top. Repeat at the other end of the panel.

Step two

On the outside of the marquee you'll see the wall panel is secured to the ground by two bungee cords and pegs. Unhook the bungee cords from the pegs.

Step three

From the inside or outside of the marquee, roll the panel up from the bottom to the top as neatly and tightly as possible. This step requires at least two people.

Step four

Under the valance you will see some pairs of ribbons, tie these in a bow to secure the rolled up wall panel under the valance.

Step five

To lower the wall panel, untie the ribbons and unroll to the floor

Step six

Do up the Dutch lacing, starting from the top, bring the first loop through the first eyelet, then bring the second loop through the second eyelet and thread it through the first loop. Continue until you reach the bottom.

Step seven

secure the bungee cords to the pegs on the outside of the marquee.

And that's how you can create a floating canopy look by rolling up the wall panels of your pole and canvas marquee. Let the good times roll!

A Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee with the wall panels rolled up.

Photo credit - James Davidson

At Peacock and Bow, we are on hand at any time throughout the whole process to make your marquee hire experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Call us with any questions you have and we will be more than happy to provide all the guidance you need.


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