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Murder on the dance floor - Your decadent marquee disco

It may have fallen short of getting the Bafta, but we’re still going to jump on the Saltburn bandwagon by paying homage to the great marquee dance floor. In this article, we'll shimmy our way through why there ain't no party like a marquee party and what you can do to keep your marquee dance floor filled all night long.

Inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee a wedding guest does the worm dance on the Auckland Oak dance floor.

Let’s set the scene

If you’re planning an outdoor bash like a wedding, garden party or corporate event, just take a moment and imagine stepping into a majestic pole and canvas marquee, glowing with twinkling lights and styled with show stopping decor. You and guests will know instantly that it’s going to be an iconic celebration, more lit than Oliver's birthday party.

Now, let's head to the heart of the party, the dance floor of course. Be it chequerboard, parquet or LED, all dance floors share one thing in common; they're designed for fun! Whether you're planning on wowing your guests with a choreographed first dance or setting the record for longest knee slide, a marquee dance floor is your safe space to let loose and dance like nobody's watching.

Inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee a bride joyfully skips onto the Auckland Oak dance floor.

Dancing in the marquee moonlight

There’s something special about dancing in a marquee, its those indoor/outdoor vibes, the gentle breeze, the scent of flowers and the moon casting its light upon the dance floor. And if the heavens open? Well, the floor is sturdy and the weatherproof canopy will keep everyone dry so you can keep on throwing shapes whatever the weather. And, let's be honest, it doesn’t get more romantic than dancing in the rain!

Customise your marquee dance floor

Your marquee dance floor can be customised to suit your style and theme. Whether you want an elegant and timeless wooden surface like our Auckland Oak dance floor, a classic black and white chequered dance floor or a glitzy LED dance floor, the possibilities are endless. 

Let's not forget about the décor! From dazzling disco balls to elegant reveal curtains, there are countless ways to level up your marquee dance floor and create a truly unforgettable atmosphere. Add biodegradable confetti cannons, or even a smoke machine for an extra touch of pizzazz.

Inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee the groomsmen are showered with biodegradable confetti from a confetti canon on the Auckland Oak dance floor.

Dance the night away

A marquee dance floor is the perfect setting for celebrating life's special moments. So, whether you're planning a wedding, a milestone birthday celebration or just a fun night with friends, at Peacock and Bow, we work with you to make your event one to remember.

If you're feeling inspired by our dance floors, take a look at our other marquee furnishings for hire. From lighting and furniture, to bars and flower rings, we have everything you need to light up the dance floor.


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