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Why we're obsessed with Wills Marquees

Updated: Feb 27

Here at Peacock and Bow, we've got a bit of a thing going on, and we need to talk about it. We're head over heels for something that's both modern and holds onto its traditional charm. It's tall, majestic, and crafted from top-notch materials. Any guesses? You got it—it's a Wills.

We're convinced that nothing quite matches the exceptional craftsmanship of Wills Marquees' canvas and timber pole tents. These incredible structures are handmade with love in Britain by the talented folks at Wills Marquees.

So, in this article, we're going to spill the beans on why we're smitten with Wills Marquees.

Video credit - Wills Marquees

Who are these Wills Marquees people, anyway?

Just like us, Wills Marquees is a family business. Chris and Lynsey, the dynamic duo, started it all back in 2010. Their passion for craftsmanship and their dedication to creating top-notch marquees is shared by the entire Wills team.

While they're all about innovation and improving designs, Wills Marquees stays true to the traditional art of tent making. Every part of a Wills Marquee is carefully crafted by their skilled team.

We've seen the magic happen at Wills' design studio and workshop in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Trust us, if you're into high-quality, British-made stuff, a Wills marquee is the way to go.

The little details we can't resist

In this world of crazy technology, there are some things that are perfect as they are. Wills Marquees believes in keeping the timeless charm of a traditional pole tent intact. They use ropes that go perfectly with the natural canvas and sturdy wood poles. Beech timber sliders are used to make sure everything's nice and tight.

The design of the marquees allow us to tie the iconic 'Turks Head' knot on each king pole. For those of you not from a scouting background, they are decorative knots with lots of interwoven strands that form a closed loop. Think heavy duty macrame or a big version of those leather wristbands you used to get on holiday. These Turks Head knots aren't just stylish; they're a nod to old-school sailor skills, which we think is pretty cool and completely in line with Wills Marquees' values.

You'll also find hand-turned timber finials on each side pole. And, the king poles proudly wear hand-stitched white flags. It's all about those little details that make us fall in love.

The tall peaks of a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee stand pround against the grassy fields and hills on which sheep are grazing.

A one-of-a-kind structure

Every bit of a Wills Marquee screams British craftsmanship. They use British Millerain cotton canvas and carefully crafted irons from a foundry in the heart of the Black Country. Lord of the Rings eat your heart out.

They're all about sustainability and innovation

Wills Marquees takes a lot of pride in being eco-friendly and supporting British businesses. They're not just about making amazing marquees; they're also into innovative design. They listen to their customers, whether they're suppliers or couples, and they work together to make cool features that make their marquees even more amazing. Things like the Reveal Curtain and Portico are custom-made for Wills tents. So, you won't find them anywhere else.

When we work with Wills Marquees, we team up with their manufacturing crew to make sure your marquee wedding is perfect. And guess what? Their workshop team is on call 24/7, so you're in safe hands.

You can make it yours

A Wills Marquee is like a big blank canvas. It's bright, spacious, and has that traditional vibe. You can keep it wide open or use cool extras like the reveal curtain to create little nooks and surprises for your guests. You can even choose the size to fit your guest list perfectly. It's all about making your celebration unforgettable.

Inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee, a bride dances as a saxophonist plays and wedding guests hold up the train of her dress. fairy lights illuminate the canopy.
Photo credit - Kate Lowe Photography

How to book your own Wills Marquee

Wills Marquees has a network of certified providers all over the country and beyond. Doing things this way means they won't saturate the market. They like to keep things exclusive so you get a special experience.

If the provider near you is all booked up for your date, don't fret. They'll do their best to find a marquee for you from another provider.

While Wills Marquees are exclusively sold to certified providers only, by popular demand they are now manufacturing a Garden Wills, which will be sold to clients who want to have their very own structure for their garden.

Peacock and Bow are based in Lincolnshire, but we also serve Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Rutland, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Hertfordshire, and London. If you're planning a wedding elsewhere, check out Wills Marquees' local provider page to see who's in your area.

For more info, visit our website, or hang out with us on social media to see what goes on behind the scenes and get inspired by real weddings.

So, why are we so head over heels for Wills Marquees? Well, it's simple, their top-notch quality and unique marquee beauty have us completely hooked.


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