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How do I find marquee venues near me?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

If you’re planning to hire a marquee for a wedding or a special event, one of the first things to consider is just where you’re going to put this beautiful oversized tent. Whether you’re hiring small, large or multiple marquees, there’s sure to be the perfect site or venue to host your marquee celebrations in the local area. In this article, we’re going to help you identify the best marquee venues near you.

A bride and groom walk hand in hand alongside a beautiful Peacock & Bow pole & canvas wedding marquee as the sun sets on their special day

Why choose a marquee?

When you’re deciding whether or not a marquee is the right way to go, logistics such as where to put the marquee can often seem complicated and daunting. So let’s start by reminding ourselves why it's worth grabbing the bull by the horns and going for the marquee dream.

  • Design your own space - With a marquee you can create as much room as you need, so no one's cramped and there’s plenty of room for dancing. You can have everything under one canopy or create break out spaces such as terraces, a bar tent or a separate ceremony tent

  • A marquee is a blank canvas - Instead of searching for a venue with the perfect aesthetic you can decorate your marquee to your own unique style and taste. Whether its vintage, festival, English garden party, beach party or timeless elegance, the marquee lends itself to any theme

  • Make the most of the surroundings - Marquees blend in perfectly with the location and have many features that enable you to let the outside in, even in winter. Peacock and Bow’s traditional pole and canvas marquees have panoramic clear walls that provide unobstructed 360 degree views, whatever the weather. These walls can be rolled away to create a bright and breezy open space. Other types of marquees have clear roofs, and some frame marquees also have glass walls

  • Perfect for larger celebrations such as Asian weddings or corporate events - Instead of hiring a vast generic space like a conference centre or a function room, you can create an intimate atmosphere in a space that can accommodate even the longest of guest lists

  • You’re in control - Opting for a marquee gives you more choice over many aspects such as the decor, the catering and the bar. You also have more control of your budget, you’ll know exactly where your money is going

  • Works any time of year - You can host a successful marquee event any time of year. If you’re having a classy winter wedding, heaters and roll down walls will keep guests dry and cosy. If its a summer garden party you’re planning, the canopy will provide shade and rolling away the walls will let the breeze in and cool your guests down

 A beautiful smiling bride gracefully strolls through a field, her dress flowing, near a Peacock & Bow wedding marquee at sunset.

Which venues are suitable for marquees?

Marquees are flexible and adaptable. At Peacock and Bow, the only requirements we have are that the ground is fairly level and free of trees or overhead wires. The requirements will be similar for most types of marquee and most marquee hire companies.

Marquees can go on grass or hard surfaces like concrete, tarmac or astro turf. Some types of marquee are modular and can be designed to fit any space. Traditional marquees like our Wills Marquees range come in various sizes so whether you’re celebrating in your own back garden, a field, woodland or the grounds of a historic building, there’s sure to be a suitable marquee for you.

When selecting your marquee site, you’ll need to consider factors such as access for guests and suppliers, parking, and services such as water and electricity. But don’t discount anything until you have spoken to a marquee hire company as they can often provide solutions and workarounds to create your perfect marquee in the space you want.

Here are some popular types of spaces where you can put up a marquee.

  • Private land - If you or a very good neighbour or relative have a big enough garden, you can have a wedding at home. If you’re worried about the size of the space, do speak to your marquee provider before discounting it. Our clients have often been very pleasantly surprised by what we can do. In fact, we’ve put up marquees in the gardens of London terraces as well as sprawling country estates. Don't forget to consider spaces like tennis courts and driveways. Even swimming pools, ponds or lakes can have marquees built over them with the use of a rigid steel flooring system

  • Field and woodland - Many farmers, glamping sites, local authorities and other landowners hire out their open spaces for marquee events. With these types of spaces you might find there are some challenges with access and parking, but the hire costs will be lower than more premium venues

  • Stately homes, hotels, castles, museums and creative spaces - These are premium venues and will usually offer more manicured and landscaped surroundings for your marquee wedding or celebration. Premium marquee venues will cost more, but they should have good infrastructure set up and be well experienced at hosting marquee events. Some even have their own marquees that they leave up for the summer season. You may find you have less control and choice as many provide their own in house catering or they require you to stick to their preferred suppliers

If you decide Peacock and Bow are the marquee hire company of your dreams we will carry out a free site visit. We’ll come and assess the space and discuss options if there are any challenges. So, if you're not sure if your ideal marquee location will work, don’t write it off until you’ve talked to us!

A large Peacock & Bow pole & canvas wedding marquee in a field with grazing sheep on a sunny day with blue skies.

How do I find a marquee venue near me?

Now this can be the daunting bit. A simple Google search will throw up your usual Hitched, UKBride and TAGvenue type directories, which include everything from the most exclusive country estates to the local pub. You’ll also find listicles of venues that are nowhere near you or have stopped offering services. Once you start clicking through to the venues’ websites it can be difficult to ascertain whether or not they allow marquees or if they have their own. Then it becomes a long process calling them up or filling out endless contact forms.

But don't let this put you off. There are plenty of online tools that help reduce the noise and the overwhelm of searching for a marquee venue near you.

  • Coco Wedding venues’ venue finder has some fantastic filters, although they don't let you search marquee venues specifically, they do help narrow down the search. This curated collection of venues is all about style with a focus on quality over quantity. Its a great starting point for discerning couples

  • There is a very handy marquee venue finder tool on the County Marquees website covering London and the south-east of England

  • The National Trust has a venue hire section that includes a collection of articles about hiring some of their properties for a range of events. It also includes a wedding venue finder tool that lets you filter by property type and region

  • If you’re looking to rent an open space such as a field or woodland, check out Land for Events. This website provides a contact information for landowners looking to rent their land for marquee events

  • Land Hire is another UK directory for hiring land for marquee events and weddings

  • Field Lover is an ideal online tool for finding fields across the UK that are available to hire for private marquee events and weddings

Be sure to take a break from the online venue search rabbit hole and actually ask around. Tap up neighbours, local farmers, other newlyweds and find out the options for marquee venue sites near you. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

The simplest and likely most effective strategy when it comes to finding a marquee venue near you is to ask your marquee supplier. If they are experienced, have a good reputation and local knowledge they will be able to give you the lowdown on the best possible site for your marquee wedding or special occasion.

The tall peaks of a Peacock & Bow pole & canvas wedding marquee rise from the long grass of the grounds of a country house surrounded by trees.

Our favourite marquee venues

The majority of the weddings and events we provide marquees for take place on privately owned land. But, we do have a few favourite marquee venues that make us do a little excited squeal when we find out we’ll be working with them again.

  • Holywell Hall is Lincolnshire’s most treasured hidden gem. This exclusive and quintessentially English marquee venue provides the most spectacular backdrop to your celebrations

  • The rustic, relaxed and naturally beautiful Woodland Hollow in Bedfordshire has it all, fir trees, grazing horses, rolling countryside views for days, and a beautiful meadow that you can bring to life with your stunning marquee

  • A secret garden in the middle of London you say? Yes, its true, Westminster Abbey’s 900 year old College Garden is the perfect spot to host a marquee event with its views of the Abbey, Westminster Palace and Victoria Tower. They construct their own marquee in June and July, but you can have a marquee of your choice from August to May

Marquees are the ultimate blank canvas, allowing you to create whatever atmosphere, décor and theme you want for your wedding, corporate event or other special occasion. When you begin your planning you’ll find that the choice is huge! Search 'Marquee wedding venues near me' and you’ll be surprised at just how many options there are. From beautiful bohemian spaces to rustic woodland glades, we hope this article has helped prepare you to sift through the stunning possibilities and find your dream marquee venue.

If you’re planning a marquee wedding or event in Lincolnshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, London, Rutland, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire or Hertfordshire, drop us a line today and we’ll help identify the perfect marquee venue for you.

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