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Wedding flower trends 2024 | The most luxury & sought-after styles

With the new year comes a wave of new trends and we love uncovering what’s going to be hot in the exclusive world of luxury weddings. In this article we’re going to take a stroll down floral street and look at the colour, creativity and innovative trends that will dominate the luxury wedding flower scene in 2024.

We spoke to the incredibly talented Lucie Reed of Coco in the Country, a floral design studio based in Lincolnshire, UK. She told us;

"2024 is the year of the flower or flowers, quite literally floral maximalism! Tablescapes will become a main focus for flowers, especially lower level designs. Mix lower footed bowls with endless stem vases creating whimsical, ethereal florals running the length of the tables."

From ombre-colour blocking to dainty bridal bouquets, this year's trends are set to redefine the way we look at wedding florals. Let's dive into the most luxurious and sought-after styles that are making beautifully fragranced waves in 2024. Here’s what’s in store.

Ombre-colour blocking

A new twist on solid colour blocking, this luxury wedding trend involves seamlessly blending flowers in a gradient of tones, creating a stunning visual effect. This look pairs perfectly with the move away from traditions that we’ll see more of in 2024, such as patterned tablecloths and coloured candles. The ombre trend works particularly well for long floral table runners that look stunning on our trestle tables.

Rustic trestle tables dressed with floral centrepieces in a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee

Flower crowns

Not even wedding flowers have escaped the current obsession with everything Y2K, as mid-noughties boho chic hits the aisles in the form of flower crowns. Expect to see plenty of brides, and even grooms, opting for playful headpieces, especially at outdoor summer weddings.

Not just flowers

The rise of Dutch-Masters influenced flower arrangements will see non-floral elements being added to displays and installations. Think fruits and veggies, potted herbs and fruit trees, feathers, succulents and anything the still-life cupboard held in your school art room. Not only does this trend look fantastic, but it is also more sustainable than cut flowers with guests able to take home the pots, leaving no waste.

Lucie told us how this trend will take tablescapes to the next level;

"Incorporating fruits can be an amazing way of adding in other textures and colour. Historically fruit and flowers were always used hand in hand to decorate and design with, let your floral designer run wild with ideas and visions."

Natural-world backdrops

Princess Kate was way ahead of the times when she walked down the ‘living avenue’ maple tree lined aisle at Westminster Abbey back in 2011. In 2024, couples are seeking to connect with nature more than ever. Flower arches are out, trees are in. This year couples want to create more authentic natural backdrops, and what better way to rock this trend than with a luxury pole and canvas marquee? Not only are our marquess made from all natural materials, their clear roll away walls make stunning use of the natural surroundings, be it a picturesque beach, an intimate garden or a charming woodland. You can bring the outside

The entrance to a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee dressed with a natural world backdrop of florals

Polished countryside charm

Another trend that has its roots in a desire for all things natural is the countryside charm aesthetic, where couples will be going for a more rustic look. Wedding flowers will have eclectic laid back displays of English blooms, such as wispy poppies and cosmos, bright colours and fragrant herbs. Arrangements will be loose and light with less filler and greenery. This trend is again perfect for a luxury marquee wedding, the warm wooden poles, natural cotton canvas and stunning views all combine to create a rustic, cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Complete the look by hiring our wide rustic trestle tables and

English country blooms in vase on a trestle table inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee.

Structural set design

At the more opulent end of the luxury wedding flowers spectrum is the set design trend. Many couples want their special day to be a production, a spectacle full of awe and wonder, an experience like no other. To that end, planners and florists are working together to bring drama, impact and innovation that goes beyond centrepieces, bouquets and button holes.  

Yet again, this is a trend that fits perfectly with our pole and canvas marquees, which allow the space and neutral backdrop to fill with your vision and immerse your guests in a whole new world, a dazzling place they never knew, you know the rest! Our flower rings allow your florist to create stunning aerial designs that will stop your guests in their tracks.

"Accent beautiful tablescapes with statement flowers around your marquee, think tumbling flower towers or hanging installations, making the most of the space at height and giving you the wow factor." Lucie recommends .

A dressed flower ring inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee.

Unique vessels or vases

Often overlooked by couples when they envision their wedding flowers, 2024 is the year the vessel finally gets the attention it deserves. Gone are the traditional plain glass vases and chunks of oasis (that weird, damp green foam type stuff). Make way for antique and personal pieces that are significant and meaningful to the couples’ heritage. Meaningful family heirlooms and vintage finds add personality to your blooms and tell your love story.

A bike and a milk churn are used as vessels for flower arrangements inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee.

Dainty bridal bouquets

Less is more when it comes to bridal bouquets in 2024. Ever since Chloë Sevigny carried a bouquet consisting of just five calla lilies at her elegant and stylish wedding in May 2022, brides have been opting for smaller, dainty arrangements and this trend is going to go full throttle this year. These petite bouquets allow the bride's beauty to shine, while still making a statement with carefully curated blooms.

Chloe Sevigny's wedding where she carried a simple bouquet of six calla lillies
Photo credit - Pete Voelker

More useful flower facts

What flowers are trending in 2024?

Two words; locally sourced. Sustainability is a key priority for nearly-weds in 2024, so many will be opting for locally grown seasonal flowers. Our expert Lucie says, "British flowers are still having their moment, with the best of seasonal British flowers bringing the most glorious way to celebrate the seasonal shifts from springtime ranunculus and tulips, to summertime roses and moving into the late summer and autumnal dahlias. British flowers also have a gorgeous scent to them. Imagine vases of sweet peas mixed with scented English garden roses, heaven! "

What colours are trending in 2024?

While pastels will always be popular colour choices for wedding palettes, 2024 is all about the bold, the exotic and the vibrant. We’re talking bright pinks and reds, saturated blues and lime greens.

What flower trends are wilting in 2024?

Lucie told us "In terms of trends that we can give a miss, anything that looks too forced! Let the flowers curve, bend, be natural. Let’s not force them into a triangle shaped old fashioned style, it’s just not cool!"

Our wedding flower trends summary

The wedding flower trends of 2024 will echo the running theme of the wider wedding trends that we’re going to be seeing this year. They signify a new confidence to be unique and move away from what’s expected when it comes to weddings. This year's luxury wedding flower trends celebrate the bold, the brave and the unconventional. From the avant-garde to the timeless and classic, couples will have a ton of options to choose from. Whether you're drawn to the design and style of ombre-colour blocking or the simplicity and authenticity of countryside charm, this year there’s a trend for everyone.

Some final words of advice from Lucie;

"Choosing your colour palette within your flowers is a great way to express your own personalities, as well as choosing any flowers that are personal to you both, the colours are the most fantastic way of pulling the whole look together. Whether it be warm tones, or cool tones, pastels or bold and bright. Think of building floral design like you would an outfit, building up a colour palette to suit your style. There’s so much choice and creativity to be had with flowers, a blank space can be reimagined into a flower lover's dream."

Visit our Inspiration page to see how our stylish couples have brought our luxury marquees to life with innovative floral installations.


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