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Here’s what to expect from luxury weddings in 2024 and how you can be on trend with a pole and canvas marquee

Updated: Feb 27

Back in September’s Under the Canopy, we made our predictions for 2024’s luxury wedding trends. Well, now that 2024 is upon us, we thought we’d double down on what to expect in the world of weddings over the next season. To find out just how on-the-money our predictions were, we’ve spoken to our expert luxury wedding planning partners and got the skinny on what’s in store for high end weddings in 2024. 

A term that we keep hearing is ‘the non-wedding wedding’, which is all about couples wanting to celebrate their love with their family and friends, while moving away from conventional traditions. The numbers confirm that this is a big theme for 2024 weddings. Pinterest data shows that searches for “nontraditional wedding dresses” increased by 110%, “nontraditional wedding vows” went up 205% and the slightly foreboding phrase “anti-bride” increased by 480%.

They stem from age-old traditions, but, as fashion and pop culture evolves, weddings too are changing all the time. 2023 saw the rise of multi-day destination events and increasingly personalised celebrations, which are still going strong, but there’s yet more to come in 2024. 

The definitive guide to 2024’s best luxury wedding trends and how you can get the look with a pole and canvas marquee

The return of retro

Think hippy hen do’s, disco decor, cakes with excessive extravagantly piped icing, disposable cameras, DJs spinning vinyl, film photography, and more.

Everything old really is new in 2024. A healthy dose of nostalgia is a great way to ramp up the fun and personalisation of your wedding. So bring on the champagne tower, the glimmer, the glam and the good times!

Marquee magic

Transform your pole and canvas marquee into a time capsule of fun and nostalgia. Think retro-inspired decor, groovy lighting, and a dance floor that transports everyone back to the good old days.

A disco ball in a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee taps into the retro trend we expect to see at 2024 luxury weddings.

Events bursting with colour

Neutral palettes, step aside! 2024 couples are unleashing a riot of colour, textures, patterns, and movement. It's time to go bold and mix calmer and bolder shades for cutting-edge colorscapes.

Marquee magic

A pole and canvas marquee allows you to play with colour in endless ways. Drape vibrant fabrics, hang colourful lanterns, and use our flower rings to create a floral explosion that fills the white space with bright and bold shades.

Bright yellow lanterns adorn a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee tapping into the bold colour trend we expect to see at 2024 luxury weddings.

Flowers by Vermeer and Rembrandt 

Dutch Masters–inspired floral design is going to be seen more and more in 2024. Expect to see artful, fruit-dripped tablescapes with opulent darker hued arrangements and big architectural installations.

Marquee magic

Our traditional marquees are the perfect blank canvas to create an exquisite floral display that turns your wedding into a living, breathing masterpiece.

A decadent floral centrepiece adorns a table inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee tapping into the Dutch masters inspired flower trend we expect to see at 2024 luxury weddings.

Tech takes the stage with drone shows

We predicted the influence of technology on 2024 luxury weddings and it looks like we weren’t far from the mark. 2024 is the year of the drone show, giving traditional fireworks a run for their money. Environmentally friendly and highly customisable, a drone show brings a fresh and elevated take on wedding celebrations. Expect the skies to light up in ways you've never imagined.

Marquee magic

A pole and canvas marquee offers the perfect open space for a breathtaking drone show. Let the canvas be your screen as colourful lights and patterns dance across the night sky, creating a mesmerising spectacle for your guests.

Digital guest books

In 2024, the conventional guest book is having a digital makeover. Digital guest books offer newlyweds a more immersive and cohesive journey down the wedding day memory lane. Heartfelt photos, engaging videos, and touching audio messages, can all be captured in one narrative of your special day. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it accidentally getting thrown out with the discarded wedding favours and empty champagne bottles!

Marquee magic

Set up dedicated digital stations within your marquee, inviting guests to contribute their well-wishes digitally.

Tonal design palettes

While colour is in, tonal palettes are stealing the spotlight. Expect sophisticated layering and depth with a focus on one colour, creating visually stunning and restrained aesthetics.

Marquee magic 

The clean lines and elegant simplicity of a pole and canvas marquee provide the ideal backdrop for tonal palettes. Your chosen colour will pop dramatically against the neutral canvas.

A pink and orange floral centrepiece adorns a table inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee tapping into the tonal colour trend we expect to see at 2024 luxury weddings.
Photo credit - Agnes Black

Documentary-style photography

We predicted the rise of film photography but it seems that couples are also shying away from traditional posed photos. A more candid style of photography and social content will rule in 2024. Luxury weddings will see teams of photographers, videographers, and content creators tasked with capturing and posting the event in real time.

A beaming bride and groom cross a road together outside Chelsea registry office in London.
Photo credit - Sophie Williams

Marquee magic

The versatile space of a pole and canvas marquee allows photographers and content creators to move seamlessly throughout the event, capturing candid moments against the stylish backdrop.

Meaningful, non formal menus

It's not just about the food, it's about the story. We’re looking forward to seeing couples infuse personal touches into menus, including family recipes or dishes from memorable dinner dates. Roast beef is out, poke bowls are in.

Marquee magic

A pole and canvas marquee offers a versatile space for all sorts of culinary adventures. Include a choice of creative food stations, play with the dining format, break the norm!

Wedding crests

Move on monograms, 2024 is all about creating custom logos for your luxury wedding. These emblems or crests go beyond just the couple’s names and can be used throughout the event. 

Marquee magic

Bespoke light shows could project your wedding crest onto the sweeping canvas as your guests live it up below.

Negative space

Just like your art teacher always said, negative space is important, and now in 2024, rather than trying to fill it, we’re going to be embracing it, especially at marquee weddings. As large design focal points are becoming more popular, so too is giving it enough space to make the most of its impact.

Marquee magic

This trend is perfect for marquees as the space, neutral backdrop and drama they bring creates the perfect gallery to showcase your big design moments.

A grand flower ring dominates the vast empty space of a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee as wedding guests celebrate below.

Sustainability is chic

Mindfulness is key in 2024, and couples are making sustainable choices, from decor to favours. The Sustainable Wedding Alliance has published this handy guide to making 2024 wedding trends more sustainable without compromising on the indulgence factor.

Marquee magic

Pole and canvas marquees are both chic and environmentally conscious. The natural materials are more sustainable than PVC marquees and here at Peacock and Bow, low-impact, ethical and zero waste make up our core values.

A priority reset

Back to the basics, food, fashion and fun will be the mainstays at 2024’s luxury weddings. Immersive entertainment, live performances, and chic attire are reclaiming the spotlight. The focus is on creating unforgettable experiences for guests in a laid-back yet polished tone.

Marquee magic

Design your pole and canvas marquee as the central hub for immersive entertainment. Create a stage for live performances, set up cosy lounges and chill out areas for guests to enjoy, and let the canvas backdrop become a part of the entertainment itself with a bespoke light show.

What’s out for luxury weddings in 2024?

We can’t really call this a definitive guide without telling you which luxury wedding trends haven’t made it through New Year’s Eve and into marquees for 2024. Here’s a quick rundown of the wedding trends that are sooo last season darling.

  • Farewell brunches: Skip the formalities; let guests enjoy a well-deserved respite

  • Traditional Cake Cuttings: Why coax people back to their seats when the party is in full swing? 

  • The white-and-green colour palette: Bold and warm colours are taking over the white-and-green scene. But we do love this timeless look so let’s hope it’s just on sabbatical

  • Formal departures: After-parties are in, formal departures are out

In 2024, weddings are all about breaking free, embracing fun, and creating meaningful moments that reflect the couple's unique love story. With a pole and canvas marquee, the possibilities are endless. This season is about to redefine wedding goals, and we’re here for it.


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