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Our top wedding trend predictions for 2024

Updated: Feb 27

We provide our luxury pole and canvas marquees for a lot of incredibly trendy weddings. So, we get a great insight into what’s hot and what’s not in the world of weddings.

We’ve been hard at work collating the new and classic ideas we’ve seen this season with what our couples who are booked in for next year are planning. We’ve compared this with current search data and have put together our predictions for the 2024 wedding trends that we think will make an impact and stick around for many wedding seasons to come.

Our biggest finds include:

  • The average wedding spend is going up as couples want to create the experience of a lifetime for their guests

  • Personalisation is more important than ever with couples wanting to create an experience that truly sums up who they are

  • We’ve seen a big move away from tradition and more towards celebrant-led ceremonies

Let's delve a bit deeper and help you plan the en vogue wedding of your dreams as we share our top wedding trend predictions for 2024.

Wedding celebrants

Google searches for wedding celebrants increased by 49% in the past year and. The term is now searched up to 1.7k times each month according to real time keyword data. And we’re not surprised at all that celebrant-led weddings are so on trend, here’s why.

Anyone can use a celebrant for their wedding and doing so allows them to put together a completely personalised ceremony that is tailored to them. Using a celebrant means you’re not tied to any religious or legal conventions and can mould the ceremony to reflect your backgrounds, cultures and identities.

A celebrant led wedding is all about reinvention, storytelling and originality. Anything goes, with a celebrant led wedding, from writing your own vows to hopping over a broom with your pet goose (yep, that happened). As long as the venue and the celebrant are willing, you can make your ceremony as unique and special as you are.

Our marquees are perfectly suited to celebrant led ceremonies because they too allow you tailor your wedding space to your own unique style. The natural cotton canvas and tall wooden poles make a beautiful blank canvas that can be decorated and adorned to reflect who you are.

Weddings with purpose

With people becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues and the effects of the cost of living crisis, it can be difficult to reconcile a day of such exuberance without wanting to give something back. We’re seeing more and more couples do just that.

Last year wedding resource The Knot estimated that two thirds of their site users planned an eco wedding and it's likely that sustainable wedding practices will continue to gain popularity in 2024.

Couples may decide to make a donation, focus on reducing waste and incorporate eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable confetti. They may choose locally sourced or organic menus, use only local suppliers, or select eco conscious wedding favours. This last idea of the often overlooked and wasteful wedding favour can be incredibly meaningful. Couples could gift their guests something long lasting like a mini succulent, or something edible and seasonal like homemade jam, or if it's a Christmas wedding, a mulled wine mix or mince pies. Package and present your eco friendly favours sustainably and beautifully to complement your wedding decor and your wedding will be a sustainable success.

It’s important to build a team of like minded wedding suppliers who share your values. For example, Peacock and Bow’s marquees are made of sustainable materials including natural cotton canvas, not PVC. We minimise waste and always recycle responsibly. We also operate in areas close to our home base to minimise travel. If we get an enquiry outside of our patch we will always refer you on to our partners in the first instance to cut any unnecessary miles.

Inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee a round table is dressed with white linen, silverware and glassware. Each place setting has a personalised iced biscuit sitting atop the menu. Chiavari chairs and coir matting flooring are visible in the background.

Intimate and personalised celebrations

Planning a huge wedding can be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do and it's not for everyone. More and more couples are looking to streamline their guest lists and alleviate some of the pressures such as organising mass catering, accommodation and transport. By doing so, couples are freeing themselves up to focus on the things that matter to them most and finding that the planning becomes much more enjoyable.

Life can be fast paced and we’re seemingly surrounded by excess. So, it makes sense that small weddings are providing a welcome return to authenticity and meaningful connections and are gaining in popularity.

A smaller celebration allows you to interact with your guests on a deeper level and create a warm communal atmosphere. Going micro for your big day means that rather than putting on a spectacle, your wedding is a gathering of people who love and support you, and feel privileged to witness the beginning of this beautiful chapter in your lives.

Although we love an elaborate wedding, we know there are some couples who feel it can take the focus off them and their love story. At Peacock and Bow, we love to give couples the opportunity to personalise their big day. Our 7.3 x 18.3 metre pole and canvas marquee can accommodate between 30 and 60 people. Its simple and classic design is the perfect choice if you want to have a more intimate gathering in a space that you can add personal touches to and embellish with your own unique style.

High tech elements and on the day content creation

We’re already well in tune with wedding hashtags that allow couples to quickly pull everyone’s snaps off instagram. We’ve seen device charging stations, so guests can keep recording and posting well into the night. Drone technology is elevating wedding videography, literally. But there’s more to come.

In a world of AI, VR and live streaming, technology is starting to re-shape wedding experiences and this is set to grow in 2024. Virtual elements like 3D printed wedding cakes, audio guestbooks (voice note fans take..err…voice note), interactive photo booths so guests can make gifs, and even smart wedding bands could become more prevalent.

We’re also seeing a new offering in the form of on-the-day content creation, where couples hire a social media whizz to be at their wedding solely to record content specifically to create Tik Toks and Insta reels. So, if you love to post, this could be for you.

Our marquees offer a versatile and flexible space that can be utilised for these sorts of techy features. We can design your space to include designated areas and backdrops for any futuristic ideas you may want to incorporate into your big day.

A groom dances at his Asian wedding with his bride and groomsmen dancing behind him.

Artistic and creative decor

Flowers have long been de rigeur at weddings, since Ancient Egyptians joined together in Holy matrimony in fact. But fast forward to 2024 and couples will be seeking to take their blooms to new, artistic, and unconventional heights. Expect to see breathtaking aerial installations and creative displays that provide a visually captivating backdrop for ceremonies and receptions.

The vast, light and airy roof space our simple and classic marquees offer are a perfect blank canvas to fill with organic explosions of colour natural form and gorgeous scents. Our flower rings form a solid foundation for your floral designer to transform the space with their creative flair. We have also been known to install gripple wire in the roofline of our marquees to create impactful garlands that contrast with the pristine white canvas and drip down from the high swooping ceiling.

Inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee, flower rings abundant with blooms and foliage hang from the canopy which is alive with projected patterns. Below wedding guests are enjoying the party atmosphere.

Wedding veils

The wedding veil is making a comeback in 2024. This classic bridal accessory is seen as a way to add a touch of elegance and romance to the wedding day look and we’re here for it. We think a romantic veil pairs perfectly with the whimsical yet traditional flowing canvas canopies of our stunning marquees.

Just why veils are becoming the accessory of choice is unclear. Perhaps, brides want to add a touch of drama to the fashionable simple silky slips we’re seeing as ‘quiet luxury’ hits the wedding world. Maybe it’s a post lockdown urge to go all out, who knows why veils are so heavily back in. But to any brides in doubt we say go for it, when else will you get to wear one?

An elated bride and groom stroll along the lawn in front of a majestic and pristine Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee. The bride's veil billows in the wind.

Film photography

Nostalgia is always on trend at weddings and in 2024 it's showing up in the form of film photography. Many photographers are now offering this medium and an increasing number of couples are finding themselves drawn to the analogue style. While digital still has a place, capturing your Dad’s moves on the dimly lit dance floor for example, there’s no denying that film photography has a certain depth, softness and grain that digital can’t replicate, photographers know this and betrothed couples are catching on. It's not only the photos that are becoming more desirable, it's the anticipation of waiting for the photos. This becomes part of the magic and has a huge appeal. We think this trend will develop (see what we did there?) and our marquees with their vintage vibes are the perfect backdrop for your fine art film photography.

Bold colour palettes

While 2023 has been all about the neutrals and pastels of the quiet luxury trend, 2024 will see a big old pivot towards bold and vibrant colour palettes. Couples are expected to opt for clashing combinations and brighter hues to create a visually striking and energetic atmosphere. Use our flower rings, lighting and vast ceilings to create bold splashes of colour that contrast against the white swooping canvas of our elegant marquees.

Fusion of traditional and contemporary styles

While many couples are stepping away from traditional ceremonies and receptions to a more unique and personal experience, many will still want to incorporate some time honoured elements into their special day. Combining traditional wedding pieces with contemporary aesthetics will likely be a trend in 2024. Couples may blend classic and modern elements in their ceremony, attire, decor, and overall wedding design to create a harmonious fusion of styles.

This might look like traditional readings and cultural tea ceremonies mixed with having a son or daughter walk you down the aisle rather than a parent. It could be a fusion of traditional and modern food, classic and contemporary music, or having non-traditional wedding party members do the speech, such as the maid of honour or mother of the bride.

Pole and canvas marquees are the perfect mix of contemporary and classic. The Wills Marquees that we provide are manufactured using time honoured techniques and the end product offers an understated contemporary look that is both chic and elegant in equal measure.

Inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee, two wedding guests wave white serviettes above their heads as the wedding party applauds. A handcrafted oak bar is set up and hairpin leg bar stools  are styled with white faux fur blankets.

Unique food and drink experiences

Food and drink will continue to be a focal point in weddings. Expect creative and exciting experiences such as interactive food stations, mixology bars, and fusion food that reflects the couple's preferences and cultural backgrounds.

Traditional three course wedding breakfasts are falling out of favour, as couples want more and more to tantalise their guest’s taste buds with exciting and memorable culinary experiences. Wedding guests can look forward to such delights as blended flavours and techniques from around the globe, farm to table produce, DIY sushi stations, plant based options, pimped out comfort foods (truffle mac and cheese anyone?), and a veritable spread of elaborate mini desserts.

We’re more than ready to cater for this new wedding food revolution. Our marquees offer a flexible space that can be designed creatively to accommodate different food stations. We also offer caterer tents and reveal curtains to separate off certain areas.

Inside a Peacock and Bow pole and canvas marquee, a mixologist shows of his skills as the golden hour sunlight streams in through the wedding marquee's open sides

Plan an on trend wedding that stands out

These are just a few of the trends that are expected to be popular in 2024. The running theme we’ve discovered is that 2024 will be all about creating weddings that are unique, that don’t follow a strict formula of what a wedding should be and that reflect the personalities, hopes and dreams of the betrothed couple.

Ultimately, the best way to plan a wedding that stands out and is truly special is to lean into the trends that reflect your own unique style and personality and make them your own.

Here are some Brucey bonus tips for planning a wedding in 2024.

  • Start planning early. The earlier you start planning, the more time you will have to find the right suppliers for you and to book your dream venue or marquee

  • Be flexible. Things don't always go according to plan, so be prepared to make changes as needed

  • Don't be afraid to break the rules. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to weddings, so don't be afraid to do things your own way

  • Most importantly, have fun! Planning a wedding should be an enjoyable experience, so relax and enjoy the process

If you would like to book Peacock and Bow for your 2024 marquee wedding, get in touch with us today to secure your date.


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